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Friday, November 16, 2018

Passive Niche Profits Review

How to Launch Your Niche Profit Blog and Start Building a Following Quickly When you start a niche profit blog, your goal is to make a profit with it, so launching it successfully and building a following quickly is your first order of business.

So, let’s look at a strategy for getting your niche blog off to a successful start so that you can rinse and repeat these steps with the dozens of other blogs that you will develop for your niche blog network.

Keyword Research Doing keyword research to find the best “money keywords” for your niche is really what will make or break your blog. Targeting the right keywords is one of the cornerstones of effective SEO.

When you employ sound SEO practices, you can rely on organic search engine traffic that is fueled by your potential customers who are searching for your exact keywords in the search engines. Use a keyword research tool and come up with a solid list of primary and secondary keywords that you will base your content around.

Create Content Creating original, value-added content is what will eventually cause your site to be viewed as an authority site, help it to rise in the SERPS, and help you to attract all of that targeted, free traffic.

If you are not a writer, you can visit the various freelance writing forums and hire someone to create the content for you using your carefully selected keywords. Whether you pay a ghostwriter or create it yourself, your content will be what sets your blog apart from all of the others in your niche.

Make it exceptional and your blog will develop a following. When you launch your blog make sure that you’ve got a few weeks’ worths of solid content for your visitors to consume when they arrive. If you use WordPress, it’s easy to upload content and choose which dates it will appear.

Develop a Blog Promotion Plan You want to create massive exposure for your blog when you first launch it.

Here are a few ideas for promoting your blog:

Publish a Press Release announcing your new blog launch and submit it to a PR submission service. Schedule a series of guest blogging gigs on the top blogs in our niche—kind of like a promotional blog tour.

Create a series of videos highlighting your blog, the topics you cover, the products you are offering and even something about you.

Interview the luminaries in your niche and then publish these videos to several video sharing sites (not just with a link back to your site in the description.

Do a massive article marketing campaign by creating 25 or more articles a week and submitting them to the top article marketing directories.

Get booked on popular Internet radio or podcast shows in your niche to talk about your topic.

Create a contest using a WordPress plugin that rewards your visitors for sharing your blog with valuable prizes and prestige.

Monetize your blog Decide on how you will monetize your blog once you have built up a nice flow of traffic. AdSense is a reliable mainstay, but you could also sell advertising space in your sidebar or promote complementary affiliate products to your visitors.

Once you have launched your first niche profit blog, you can refine your process and repeat for each new blog that you create.

There is a lot more that you need to know about creating niche profit blogs.

Go ahead and check out today to discover how you can start making a profit from niche blogging today.

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Friday, October 19, 2018

Home Business Bootcamp and Affiliate Marketing Training with George Kosch for 19 October 2018

Our weekly interactive affiliate marketing and home business training is available at no cost to all Worldprofit Silver and Platinum VIP Members. George Kosch, CEO, and Co-Founder of Worldprofit is also your personal coach and trainer, learn directly from one of the first successful .com business success stories,  and a pioneer in the Affiliate marketing industry. Questions and requests for demonstrations are encouraged to make this training most meaningful to you.  Don't be shy.

Training Topics
  • Getting started, the basics. What to do, what NOT to do.
  • Website Management System (included in Silver and Platinum VIP Membership)
  • Worldprofit's Affiliate Center (how to easily add your own affiliate code to your included website for any other programs you are involved in)
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  • What to watch for when buying advertising so you get RESULTS not fakes 
  • Lead and Traffic strategies
  • List Building, why this is critical to growing your customer base and making sales now and for the long-term
  • Commissions go out on the 15th, be sure to enter in your Member area how you wish to get paid
  • Email Commander - why you should use this included tool - helps make sure your email reaches the INBOX
The next LIVE interactive training boot camp with George Kosch is Friday, Oct  26, 2018.
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The Affiliate Link Blaster

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Monday, October 8, 2018

5 Quick Tips on How to Maximize on Your PPC Search Engine Advertising Campaign

PPC Search engine advertising involves the creation of a small short and then having it displayed on a search engine results page.

You pay the search engine company every time a visitor clicks your ad. PPC search engine advertising can be a blessing or a curse so make sure you know what to do if you make use of this Internet marketing technique.

What and What Not to Expect from PPC Search Engine Advertising

PPC or pay-per-click ads are simple text ads containing your heading, a brief description of the ad, and the URL of whichever landing page you've chosen for your ad.

In most cases, PPC advertisers will have to adhere to word count requirements when formulating their ad.

Certain PPC search engines can be quite strict when it comes to the title and description you've chosen for your ad. Make sure you read their terms and conditions before creating your ad to avoid wasting your time and effort.

To use a PPC search engine ad, you will have to include your bid in your application form. If the search engine deems your bid acceptable, you can see your ad uploaded in a matter of days at the most.

PPC search engine ads can cost as low as 5 or 10¢ per click. If you receive five hundred visitors and you multiply it with 10¢ then you only need to pay $5 for it.

PPC search engine advertising is not perfect though. There are times when your campaign would be hampered by false and misleading results.

Unsavory small engine companies may choose to click your ad several times without any intention but to increase the amount of money they'll receive from you. There are also malicious individuals who do the same thing for no reason at all.

One Product per Ad
Don't be such a cheapskate and try combining all your products and services in one ad. As pay-per-click ads can only give you a limited amount of ad space to work with, it?s best to make full use of it for marketing one specific product or service.

Highlight its benefits and mention its best feature. Pricing and promotion should also be included if you've used them to increase sales for your items.

Choose the Right Landing Page
Your landing page is very important. If your ad was able to generate interest, enough to make the person click your ad, your landing page must be able to at least maintain or even better encourage, his interest in your products and services.

Make sure to provide as much pertinent information as possible in your landing page. Don't forget to provide a Buy Now button and links to your homepage and other websites.

Choose the Right Keywords
Use the various keyword popularity tools available for free use online to determine the best keywords for your PPC campaign. The right keywords will ensure that you are reaching your target market and not something else.

Know How to Bid
Popular keywords should only have lower bids because you're facing too much competition as it is with them. But niche keywords that represent your business almost exclusively are definitely worth a higher bid.

Double Check Your Ad
Have you included all the important information? Check for grammar and spelling errors. If everything's in order then it?s time to have them displayed on search engines. Good luck!

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[VIDEO] One Click Push Button Google Yahoo Bing Indexer

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