Friday, November 16, 2018

Passive Niche Profits Review

How to Launch Your Niche Profit Blog and Start Building a Following Quickly When you start a niche profit blog, your goal is to make a profit with it, so launching it successfully and building a following quickly is your first order of business.

So, let’s look at a strategy for getting your niche blog off to a successful start so that you can rinse and repeat these steps with the dozens of other blogs that you will develop for your niche blog network.

Keyword Research Doing keyword research to find the best “money keywords” for your niche is really what will make or break your blog. Targeting the right keywords is one of the cornerstones of effective SEO.

When you employ sound SEO practices, you can rely on organic search engine traffic that is fueled by your potential customers who are searching for your exact keywords in the search engines. Use a keyword research tool and come up with a solid list of primary and secondary keywords that you will base your content around.

Create Content Creating original, value-added content is what will eventually cause your site to be viewed as an authority site, help it to rise in the SERPS, and help you to attract all of that targeted, free traffic.

If you are not a writer, you can visit the various freelance writing forums and hire someone to create the content for you using your carefully selected keywords. Whether you pay a ghostwriter or create it yourself, your content will be what sets your blog apart from all of the others in your niche.

Make it exceptional and your blog will develop a following. When you launch your blog make sure that you’ve got a few weeks’ worths of solid content for your visitors to consume when they arrive. If you use WordPress, it’s easy to upload content and choose which dates it will appear.

Develop a Blog Promotion Plan You want to create massive exposure for your blog when you first launch it.

Here are a few ideas for promoting your blog:

Publish a Press Release announcing your new blog launch and submit it to a PR submission service. Schedule a series of guest blogging gigs on the top blogs in our niche—kind of like a promotional blog tour.

Create a series of videos highlighting your blog, the topics you cover, the products you are offering and even something about you.

Interview the luminaries in your niche and then publish these videos to several video sharing sites (not just with a link back to your site in the description.

Do a massive article marketing campaign by creating 25 or more articles a week and submitting them to the top article marketing directories.

Get booked on popular Internet radio or podcast shows in your niche to talk about your topic.

Create a contest using a WordPress plugin that rewards your visitors for sharing your blog with valuable prizes and prestige.

Monetize your blog Decide on how you will monetize your blog once you have built up a nice flow of traffic. AdSense is a reliable mainstay, but you could also sell advertising space in your sidebar or promote complementary affiliate products to your visitors.

Once you have launched your first niche profit blog, you can refine your process and repeat for each new blog that you create.

There is a lot more that you need to know about creating niche profit blogs.

Go ahead and check out today to discover how you can start making a profit from niche blogging today.

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